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Chameleon - In Room Entertainment and Control Solution

iConnect Hosted Solutions

PhonikIP Converged Communication Solutions

Providing cutting edge, cost effective business solutions..


iPhonik is a converged communication solution provider, providing solutions on voice, video and data convergence. iPhonik helps clients to integrate traditional communication tools ( e.g.:-telephony, fax, email) with collaboration technologies (e.g:- Instant Messaging, Voice, Video and Web conferencing) that provide new ways to communicate from any location, using any device and accessing any application to improve business processes and overall productivity. Few coherent advantages could be instant communication with customers, suppliers, etc., and connectivity to your domain network from any other media (social networks, instant messaging, email, SMS, etc.,) which provides cost effective performance enhancement capabilities. iPhonik is based in Sri Lanka and is backed by one of Sri Lanka’s oldest infrastructure solutions companies.


iPhonik‘s converged communication solutions are focused on three specialized areas,
1. Chameleon - In Room Entertainment and Control
2. i-Connect Hosted Solution 
3. Phonik-IP Platform 



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Experience the next generation communication platform by iPhonik. Why use your PBX only to connect your extensions, when it can take you to the tomorrow's technologies such as conferencing, social networking, SMS, e-mail, Directory services. Register Now and experience our solution.

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