iConnect Hosted Solutions


In today’s global economy a significant contribution comes from proprietors and small office home office [SOHO].Though their business is limited compared to an enterprise, they too have business challenges emerging due to increasing customer demand. The biggest challenge they face today is being connected to their customers and partners while being mobile. iConnect addresses these challenges by providing enterprise solutions to individuals on a hosted solution stack. iConnect consists of the following services.


  • Softswitch & IVR
  • e-fax
  • On demand Conference Bridge
  • Hosted Call Center


Softswitch & IVR
The customer would get a professional IVR which can be setup with an auto attendant feature.The IVR will first answer the call and transfer the call to the relevant number depending on the key selection in the IVR. Depending on the requirement the customer can have one or many numbers assigned to the pilot number. The customer can receive the call that is transferred from the IVR on his mobile [The mobile has to be a smart phone to run a mobile extension]. This enables the customer to receive any call at any time while being mobile. The customer can use his mobile extension to receive or dial any number.

The customer would get a fax number which can be used to receive and send faxes. Instead of a fax machine the customer could use his email client to send and receive faxes. All the faxes that are received on the fax number would be sent to his email. The customer would have access to fax services on the go.

On Demand conference bridge
This is a multiparty audio conferencing solution which can be accessed on demand. The customer can schedule a multiparty audio conference and connect from any place. The conference bridge also has a web based phone interface that the customers can use to participate in the conference if they have an internet connection.

Hosted call Center
This is an online call center solution with a CRM interface. This can be used for either in bound or out bound call center. The agents do not have to be physically in one location. The reporting and analysis also supported through a web interface.

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